PhantomCore™ is unique in its integration of aeration, removal of organic matter and improved player, surface interface in one machine, all in a single pass.

This innovative product utilises a drum core chassis with over three hundred 12mm hollow tines to core and harvest over one hectare an hour, creating new highly efficient standards in coring and harvesting practices.

Quality design & construction

Designed and engineered to meet the demands and high expectations of the modern turf facility. Made from precision laser cut mild steel, hand fabricated with a baked two pack paint finish for an extended, durable life.

Tines Saddle

Specifically engineered to provide a perpendicular entry and exit angle of the hollow time allowing surface penetration, core capture and harvest to leave an undisturbed playing surface behind.

Removable hatches

Each drum has a completely removable hatch to provide a fast and efficient emptying and cleaning process.

Safety Shrouds

Completely enshrouded to ensure the safety of your employees and facilities users. Rear shroud raises completely to provide ease of access to the drum hatches for emptying process.

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